Income Analysis

Self-Employed Bank Statement Calculation

Upload 12 or 24 months of complete and consecutive bank statements (business or personal) from the same checking/draft account (all pages), AND a fully completed Business Narrative from the borrower. Note: Arc Home will use an expense factor based on the business narrative provided; the expense factor may be adjusted when the case file is submitted for production underwriting if the loan documentation indicates a different expense factor would be more appropriate.

Arc Business Narrative

Asset Utilization Calculation

Upload complete and consecutive financial statements for each account to be used for income; Arc Access Non-QM requires 4 months and Arc Elite requires 12 months.

Complicated Tax Return Analysis

Upload complete tax returns and all schedules.

Other Income Analysis

Upload all required documentation for the selected income type.

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Attach supporting file(s) by holding your CTRL key and selecting multiple docs at one time or by simply attaching a zip file that contains all of your documents.

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